Search engines have been around for quite a while now, but have they become outdated?  The reason I ask is when I started Advanced Online Strategies, LLC one of my goals was to create a modern search engine, but unlike what is out there right now, something more like a digital mentor that not only provides you with typical search results but one that teaches as well as informs.  It follows the “teach a man to fish” principle.   I am part of a men’s group with some very talented and successful people.  And as part of the group there isn’t really anything I can’t ask and get answer to.  But the group takes it a step further.  Members have their own strengths and they mentor others who may want assistance.  I envision this type of digital assistance.  Not just an answer to a question but the answer behind the answer, like the knowledge to figure things out as well.  I can envision answers unlike those an almanac would give, but answers a trusted adviser or knowledgeable friend who has access to an almanac would give.

There are billions of websites out there that contain the answers to most questions but instead of serving up just a keyword matched answer, serve up solutions.  And while some questions can be answered with little information, other questions may require more than just a results page of ten web addresses.  An example would be a real estate website with a search form, the form gathers insight to what the user is looking for prior to giving any results.  Yet most search engines have one field to ask what you are looking for then you have to search again based on the results given.  Search engines don’t need to assume what we are looking for.  I looked for a hotel in Louisiana the other day, have since been there and checked out, yet the search engines are still rendering Louisiana hotel ads to me.  “Hello” that was last weeks agenda.  Anyway, I may re-visit the search engine dream of the digital mentor as I would refer to it in the near future because I feel current search models are the next printed phone book.