Real Estate SEO is different from typical SEO.

A good majority of Real Estate SEO marketing companies try and target the “city name real estate” keywords or “homes for sale in city name” because the longevity of ranking those keywords can provide great traffic to a real estate website.  However, very little focus is put on individual listing pages because there are so many of them and wouldn’t be cost effective to target with traditional SEO techiques, yet if they rank well on search engines the leads from them tend to have higher conversion rates.

They are also often easier to get to the top of the search engines if the right SEO methods are used.  To explain this, I will reflect on a time a couple of years ago when a client of a company I worked for wanted to compete with a popular pet medication website.  I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be able to lead the SEO strategy for that project.  The project had a very ambitious goal, which was to try and  market six to seven thousand keywords (products) through an Organic SEO campaign.

If a PPC campaign were used to target them all, it could cost thousands of dollars just to get one click per keyword. The answer was to use programmatic SEO which focuses on onsite optimization techniques through dynamic pages which render the products in a highly optimized format that was user friendly with clear call to actions.  The strategy was a huge success.

So what does this have to do with real estate SEO?  

Well just like that website had 7,000 products/keywords which they wanted targeted, the average real estate website, if built correctly, has thousands of pages, one for each listing.

*** TIP ***  Search Google using to see how many pages your site has.  

Real estate listings change rapidly. When the market is right they come and go, so trying to link build to them is difficult. By using programmatic SEO, you can get a good portion of those listings ranking on the search engines.